Thermal Music is an evolving site featuring Toronto based jazz ensemble Thermal Quartet lead by guitarist Steven Cole.

"Steve Cole thinks he can fly. That's why the guitarist calls his band the Thermal Quartet and why his new indie CD is titled Soaring."


  "His nine originals on the CD are often high fliers, assisted by solid support from Nancy Walker on piano and keyboards, Henry Heillig on acoustic and electric bass, and drummer Jim Hillman. They cover the compositional waterfront from post-bop to funk, but the jazz "feel" is dominant, and the instrumentation works because it provides the right sonorities and textures."

  "The new album is impressive, with cleanly struck notes, unusual chord voicings and a barrelful of ideas that brings all members into play. There's fine bass and keys work on the hip-hoppy opener "Flight TBA," skipping axe lines over a deep groove in "G Wiz" and much forward momentum on "Lucky Dog." The title track lets musicians stretch, Cole's vigorous ideas a standout as he reaches for imaginative frontiers. There's never a sense of musicians coasting while another is in the spotlight. The closing "Two Uptight" is far, far out in soaring territory, in fact."

Geoff Chapman - The Toronto Star